Evergrande is only a symptom of a much bigger issue

After weeks of Chinese stocks getting battered by a range of new government policies and the rapidly unravelling real estate sector, big-time investors like Blackrock are starting to sound the ‘all clear.’

At first glance to an investor, China appears like a wonderful combination of bright lights, massive growth…

Solid-state batteries and fully autonomous self-driving autopilot are desperately needed for Tesla to maintain its current stock price valuation


The long-term Tesla story is easy to believe in. Elon Musk is a great storyteller and the company has maintained EV innovation leadership for many years. In response, Tesla‘s stock price has soared.

The problem is, Tesla’s incredible stock market valuation largely isn’t based on profitability. It is based…

China says the recent crackdowns on business are designed to build a fairer society — but are they?

In an unprecedented move, the Chinese government has put Chinese technology companies on notice — no more screwing consumers!

Chinese technology stocks prices have cratered in response to the policy changes even though the Chinese government is allegedly attempting to make the technology sector fairer and more competitive.


The Worrying Similarities Between The Climate Crisis And A Fragile Economy

The people responsible for getting us out of the climate crisis and the people responsible for rescuing the world economy from the pandemic-induced economic downturn and current inflation pressures, are between a rock and a hard place.

Boiled down to its simplest form, politicians are trying to do the…

The dangers of binary thinking

Somewhat ironically, both the political left and the political right are fighting the same enemy — authoritarianism.

The right is fighting against cancel culture and communism. Good — as we’ve seen recently in Hong Kong, the restriction of freedom of speech is the go-to move of authoritarian governments that…

That’s why betting against a bubble requires incredible investing discipline

If you’re frustrated the current stock market bubble seems to be deflating so slowly, you’re not alone. Everyone who calls a bull-market bubble requires incredible fortitude and investing discipline because it can take such a long time before you are ultimately proven right. This period of waiting can be…

When will the Federal Reserve pull the plug?

No one said reopening would be cheap — Wells Fargo

It sounds insane but probably more than 20% of all the US currency in circulation in the entire world, was printed in 2020.

The reason? Simple — without a massive injection of liquidity into the banking system and support…

+1 not-so-long-shot scenario in which investors might not be bullish enough

I’ve been watching, half with dread and half with morbid curiosity, the approach of Bitcoin’s death cross.

Normally, frothy melt-ups and melt-downs like we’ve recently experienced in the SPAC and cryptocurrency markets are cause for serious concern. Often, these kinds of market actions are associated with the blow-off top…

Alternative facts inflated a massive 2020 stock market bubble — Orwellian-like disinformation will burst it

‘Sean Spicer, our Press Secretary, gave … alternative facts.’ — Kellyanne Conway

‘Alternative facts’ have inflated the stock market throughout 2020 into arguably one of the largest bull traps in history. The government tells us to ignore obvious signs the world may never achieve global herd immunity. Central Banks…

5 reasons technology stocks have entered a new bear market

People are getting vaccinated, the economy is re-opening, and the world is hopefully getting back to normal soon. This should be great for stocks, right?

Not necessarily.

Although stocks, real estate, and cryptocurrencies have all benefited immeasurably from stimulus checks, QE to infinity, and interest rates locked near zero…

Edward Iftody

Edward Iftody is a Communication Coach, author of Surviving Work, a veteran of the Canadian fin-tech industry and a blockchain enthusiast.

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