It's smart that you are reading diverse points of view. I'm not that familiar with all of Ray's ideas but he's well-respected and thoughtful. I'll have to dig up some of his videos on YouTube I think.

The green revolution has been going on for a long time now (Ballard Power went parabolic 20 years ago). There are going to be many more bumps in the road as older industries fight back. (Did you see the story from Texas blaming green energy for the power shortages?) But I feel that finally, these new technologies are starting to achieve logarithmic growth and I think you're right that governments are taking this new technology more seriously than ever. I recently heard Japan will be going 100% EV by as early as 2025

Never-the-less I still strongly believe investors need to be cautious in the near-term while the world grapples with COVID and the recession it is causing.

Be fearful when others are greedy...

Edward Iftody is a Communication Coach, author of Surviving Work, a veteran of the Canadian fin-tech industry and a blockchain enthusiast.

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